Brandi Barnett

Counselor | Children's author | Veteran | Mother & Wife

Working with Miru is like watching the stars align on a perfect summer day. The temperature is just right and for a moment it feels like the world stops! She doesn’t laugh at my elaborate and highly detailed ideas for illustrations... she is simply professional. I love that Miru has been willing to study her craft. She understood my mission to capture people of various brown skin tones. She won me over with her willingness to evolve as an illustrator and artist. We’re just getting started

Born and raised in Macon, Georgia with military relocation to Texas. Children's author able to channel real life experiences as an elementary school counselor into vivid stories. The books are written to capture character descriptions of her family members, however the stories of the character are fictionalized. "Ryder the Biter" was written over three years ago, while she was stationed in Arizona. With her book, her goal is to use her charisma to share the importance of Social Emotional Learning, shine light on the role of educators, and encourage fellow educators to pursue their writing passions. If there is a story you wish to see, write it!